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Mike Tyson Gloves


Theses were one of my first “unicorn” collectible findings and probably my favorite memorabilia to this day, so i figured why not start with Mike Tyson’s signed gloves. Let me explain how I came across these beauties. My long time friend (you may say best friend actually) used to work at the MGM back in the Tyson days. He seen all the fights, from Tyson, to Mayweather and actually became friends with one of the promoters. He eventually got me in to meet the guy and I was utterly start struck by the champ. My friend had previously told Tyson that I was a collector of sporting memorabilia and assured him that my collectibles stayed on my shelf and would not by any means go up for sale. The champ offered me a pair of his priceless ring worn gloves, which was already a jaw dropping experience for me. We got to talking and I must have impressed him with my knowledge of his career and the boxing world, because he offered to sign the damn things! I was ecstatic but kept it cool of course…..until I got home. These babies are priceless to me so don’t even make an offer. I just wanted to show you guys my most prized possession in the world.



Author:Rick James